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Leasing & Renewals

Assist and liaise with agents and professional representatives to lease your property when required, carry out rent reviews and renewals on your behalf.


Maintenance & Renovations

Handle all day-to-day maintenance and management, renew service agreements, arrange to carry out any repairs or renovations to the property that may be necessary from time to time, be they the responsibility of the landlord or the tenant.


Tenant Relationships

Make regular contact with tenants, providing prompt maintenance and continual communication that minimizes disputes, arrears and other problems. Monitor rental and outgoing payments and take action to recover arrears when required.


Property Management

Ensure that all appropriate territorial authority and statutory compliance requirements are kept up to date and satisfied. Arrange appropriate insurance for the property and attend to any claims or tenancy / business use changes on the property.


Portfolio Development

Assist clients in building their property portfolio by researching the market and presenting properties that best suit the client’s requirements. Assist with the negotiation, analysis and purchase of properties.


Body Corporate

At Verve Property Management we liaise with the Body Corporate on all matters regarding your property and attend all Body Corporate meetings where and when necessary.

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