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Since 2005, Verve has been providing a high level of service to their customers and manages a portfolio of properties ranging from small one level, one tenant properties to large multi tenanted and industrial properties across New Zealand on behalf of a range of investors both locally and internationally. We have experienced continued growth of our client base and valuable property portfolios.


We manage properties with as much care and dedication as we would our own investments and our ‘hands-on’ approach allows us to increase the value of your asset by doing what we say we will do. With our extensive database of reliable, experienced tradespeople we consistently produce superior quality work to make the whole process smooth and hassle free.


We believe that building trusted relationships are the key to success. The more we know about you, the better we can look after your property and your needs. Spend less time stressing and more on enjoying life while knowing that your assets are in safe hands with your best interests at heart.

No problems, only solutions.

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